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Institute of Biological Engineering
Western Regional Conference

Utah State University
Saturday Nov 11th, 2017


Time Session Speaker Location
8:00 am
  • Registration
  • Light breakfast
  • Poster set up
  • Professional networking
  ENGR Atrium
9:00 am

Connect to Global IBE

David Jones

ENGR 108
10:00 am

Professional Development Workshops

  • Design Philosophy
  • Perfecting Your Presentation

Timothy Taylor

Charles Miller

ENGR 101

ENGR 103

11:00 am

Keynote Speaker-"Molecules, Butterflies, and Twitter:
from Thermodynamics to Political Action"

Joe Andrade

ENGR 108
12:00 pm


Professional Networking with Industry

  ENGR Atrium
1:00 pm

Poster Presentations

T-shirt design contest

2:00 pm Platform Presentations   ENGR 101, 103, 106
3:00 pm


  • Eye-Catching Resumes
  • Networking 101

Career Services

AJ Walters

ENGR 101

ENGR 103

4:00 pm


Closing remarks

Professional networking

Ronald Sims ENGR 108

*Check back for updates as the schedule may change up until the day of the event.

Joe Andrade

Keynote Speaker: Joe Andrade
Professor of Bioengineering,
Emeritus-Distinguished University of Utah

Presentation Title: Molecules, Butterflies, and Twitter: from Thermodynamics to Political Action

Joseph Andrade is University of Utah Distinguished and Emeritus Professor of Engineering. He served as Chairman of The Dept. of Bioengineering and Dean of the College of Engineering during his 43 year professorial career. He worked in biomaterials, biocompatability, biosensors and bioengineering education. He retired in 2012, whereupon he then ran for Utah’s District 2 US Congress seat. He lost that election to Representative Chris Stewart.

Andrade, retired from biological engineering research and teaching, is now a novelist. He self-published and released State Change - a chemical and political fantasy last year, well before the 2016 elections (see ).

“A group of aging activists selects well known ultra right political ideologues and subjects them to clandestine (and illegal) revelation engineering,” he explains, ‘including Utah’s Congressional delegation.”

He is now working on a second book: Deliver Us From Evils.

His keynote talk builds upon the novel and upon his earlier Congressional run - to empower biological engineers to get more involved in science education, in politics, and in running for public office. He suggests his colleagues use social media to confront ignorance, BS, and lies. He says we need literally millions of scientists and engineers speaking up for facts and truth - and challenging lying, ignorant, and gutless candidates, politicians, business people, press, and social media users. The talk will include examples of such activism, with an emphasis on Twitter.

Dr. Joseph Andrade

David Jones

Keynote Speaker: David Jones

David Jones is the President-Elect of the Institute of Biological Engineering. He serves as Professor and interim Department Head of Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska. Most recently he served as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in the College of Engineering. His professional career is highlighted with research contributions in the field of modeling complex biological, biochemical, and biophysical systems. He continues to develop, design, deliver, and grow the biological systems engineering courses and curricula, lead accreditation efforts, and implement ostentatious student development programs. He is a charter member of IBE and will join the conference to learn more about the work being accomplished in biological engineering.

Workshop descriptions:

Students will participate in a series of professional workshops that will prepare them to be more competitive iin any field of study:

“Design Philosophy” will walk participants through the steps of working with a team to design a product or process. Stages of the design process will be outlined, including how to conceptualize a realistic idea, how to make the idea relevant to industry and society, and how to develop a feasible design process.

“Perfecting Your Presentation” will prepare students to captivate judges and attract listeners. Topics such as readability, organization, orall delivery, and clarity will be addressed.

“Networking 101” will train attendees on how to use tools such as LinkedIn to build their professional network. Bring a laptop and prepare to engage!

“Resumes 101” will coach participants through the components and appropriate content of resumes that will consistently land interviews. Do’s and Don’ts of writing resumes will be included. Those attending are encouraged to bring existing resumes for help with revisions.